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      Polaroid photo of Guilin is located in the beautiful city of Guilin, Guilin enjoys the "Guilin landscape is the best" in the world. By typical Karst and formation of danxia landform, shanqing, beautiful mountains, cave, stone beauty ... ..., by pleasant natural environment and beautiful cityscape, formed a "city at King, King City, King City, which exist side by side", "thousands of the wild state, water flows around the city" supernatural landscape. And treasure Li wedding is located Guilin that enjoys has global most aesthetic of wedding photography location to one of of location shooting resources, again plus treasure Li wedding has lineup powerful of wedding photography team, we recruitment has from country, through strictly of filter, assessment and training of photography team, team in each one photographer are has professional of wedding photography technology, fashion of photography concept, depth of aesthetic orientation and team of cooperation spirit, constantly of in work in the training and upgrade himself, Strive for every guest of wedding photography to create a relaxed atmosphere and to create a unique moment. Wedding photography in Guilin, Guilin tours wedding photography, Polaroid wedding dress is your best choice.