Photography knowledge
  Petite girls choose to dress you want to think of themselves first in what occasions, such as weddings are Grand or simple, if wedding Grand, you can buy some European Royal style.

    European Royal style wedding tube top and two General styles can choose straps, thinner girl tube top is a good choice, it tube top dress can show girls skinny beauty, visually also would think that girls taller. Before you pick the chest tube top dress with floral embellishment, but remember not to be too complex, not too complex and will reflect the wedding was beautiful. If the bride belongs to the special skinny girl, that may need to be aware of this inside knowledge, be sure to select yarn wedding (wedding dresses can be divided into two silk and yarn) yarn of a wedding dress can make a girl look full, and upper body preferably select a horizontal hand-folding design, so that you can cover up the girls were vulnerable.

    Royal Wedding if the wedding is prompt and can select vertical sense good wedding dresses, tube top, preferably with a little tail, this will more wedding dress feeling, but remember to choose a large veil, more charming for girls.

    also can choose cleaner models, such as the fishtail skirt, these clothes will look plump girls, fishtail dresses choose the biggest drawback is that if the veil tiara, mix is bad no wedding feel more like dresses. With group support, makes the wedding even more Grand.