Photography knowledge
&Nbsp;    first, to master the psychology of selling things people, he first wanted things to sell, as long as you show interest in things not so much, he would have to worry, but also to give him a favorable opportunity, take anything anyway.


     second, more about the shopping for you merchant grab good discount information, participate in Group buys.


     third, the General method, a low price must be lower than the price of your own mental, and cut him, meaning you take a step back, and retreated to his psychological price.


     statement as follows:


    1.  If you really want to sell, I also really want to sell, then you are also a price acceptable to everyone. (If he said that the price is high, do not recognize him, lied to you play)

    2.  you this is too expensive, I've (or where) when I bought it, XXX.


    3. , I know, it's not so expensive, XXX for you you've been making.


    4.  you see you are being touched by others so old, a little cheaper I bought.


    5.  business so you do not sincerely, that I changed the place. (He won't pull you at this time, but you don't recognize him, or you're gone he will call you or you go back again, he will agree with you on the price)

    6.  okay, we all really want to do business, I take a step back and you take a step back, XXX, OK


    7.  I didn't have so much money with me, I only XXX.



    1.  don't show you the way you really want to buy, be don't care, you can buy do not buy  .


    2.  don't look immediately said, I want to so bad bargain.


    3.  to him and goods at bargain, go casual, really, don't appear to look seems to be a special bargain.


    4.  dignified and graceful. &Nbsp;P.S: stores are generally not very good bargain, big country is the best bargain in the market place. Also, supermarket clothing, appliances are negotiable. Is mainly look at quality, something of good quality and worth so much money, don't make a counter-offer, as too stingy.


     four, stunt cheeky, buying things you will be passive, and led by the nose by the boss. As long as have the gall, bargain according to his own ideas. You want you don't buy his stuff is his loss, and bargains first of all how low how low cut, cut and then he slowly depleting their practice more than once must not be shy.


     five, bargaining is at his asking price of less than half the bids can be, if the seller does not leave you just cut you can, if you really like it I gave him an extra 10 bucks on it.