Photography knowledge
&Nbsp;   sweet, genuine smile

     wedding photos are different from art photos, cool is not a wise move, because PĂ­cha and photogenic and beautiful is very difficult, lively natural smile is the most attractive. Recommends that the new people in the two weeks before the shooting can be properly practiced smile. To know the photos the day laughing all day, no good habit of smiling, it is difficult to survive. If you encounter a veteran photographer, of course, you can easily, and often they will infect you with words, and exhaustion make you laugh.


     grasp the point of avoiding eye


     the so-called "eye" is the new whites of eyes appear from top to bottom will look unnatural, and some evil, not suitable for warm wedding, of course. Especially from a high angle shot when new, it is prone to this condition. But good photographers will come up with a good point, ask the couple to face lift, you can avoid "stink eye".

     slightly sideways curves


     to show stunning body, it is recommended that new people in a shooting and swinging sideways pose, particularly the bride, because women who in their turn slightly more likely to show body, if only the face of this lens, it is too rigid. How many point do what needs to be turned sideways? Rest assured, the photographer will help you control.

     straight waist showing icing


     wedding is after completing, because you need time to let the body of each "part" high "alert" status. Especially the back must be secretly forced, if usually habitual bent will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, that at this time to pay attention to because baggy humpback modeling photo shoot out unnatural, too lazy, casual and not suitable for red-carpet photos. And upright body can make your neck, collarbone, arm, more depth, more beautiful.