Photography knowledge
Wedding dresses are not necessarily white, demanding brides all over even the headdresses are all white, began in Queen Victoria's time, when white represents happiness, and then strengthen the meaning of Holiness and fidelity, which married Lady, may not wear white wedding, forming a white wedding outshines the lofty status.
This zhiqian, Greece also to "white" for bride dress in the, most common of color, but is not strictly to body white; ancient Rome period, bride will put yellow face yarn: China traditional is to red dress for auspicious of levy; 20th century early, silver wedding is show shows Royal of distinguished status, visible wedding is the suitable its "color", no special provides to wear pure white wedding.
With world trend constantly has variable, wedding except white, and ivory, and beige, traditional color outside, in recent years also increasingly popular package pink of wedding, as pink, and powder Orange, and powder blue, and powder purple, and powder green and the shallow silver, very soft pleasing; if you courage to attempts to, dark green, and red, and deep purple, prefix Yu pink wedding Shang, formed color strong of dress, effect is great special; as most by welcomes of, certainly is ivory color or white wedding, prefix Shang pink of silk spent, and butterfly, to added color.
In fact, what color wedding dress is not too important, the first condition is to match the bride's complexion. Oriental skin deep yellow, wearing white wedding dresses, can appear dull, worn ivory would be more harmonious, powder blue, purple and yellow skin cannot be reconciled, powder Orange, pink, green and yellow color to match. White-red, or Tan, wearing white would look great, especially the latter, come share with others a different light.