Photography knowledge
They generally agreed that the poor bride scene, we will extend the time, both for the couple and the photographer out, naturally also affects the picture quality, before taking pictures if you can reference the photos of others, learn more about how to properly swing POSE, be doubled.

avoid eye

Of course, no eye will be soft and warm eyes. (A1)
Appears in the tilt, or most of the time when I looked up. (A2)

straighten bent

Before the wedding the best ready position is straightened, many brides regularly bent, and feel very comfortable, but is sluggish.

To straighten, it has a lot of energy. (B1)

When curved posture, back straight, looks very natural feeling. (B2)

multi-swing sideways

Women best built stands on the side shown, if only the whole stand, feel like student photos.

Blank, figure looked stiff. (C1)

Body depth, lines and more. (C2)

natural smile

Photos can't play is dull, and expression can take a cool effect, but in fact PĂ­cha camera it's hard to have a good effect.

Natural smile really does have great appeal. (D1)

What is cool or is angry? Look bad to the films will certainly be disappointed. (D2)

Some brides too coarse figure, less obvious way is to reduce the force of muscle support, especially excessive force actions to avoid avoid.

Reduce effort, arm muscles not being too obvious, they would not be an exaggeration. (E1)

Too hard, muscle is obviously not normal, as well as distorted. (E2) 

To avoid sole exposed directly in front of the camera, and avoid your feet fully on the other above.

Up soles, feet on the stool is reserved, and does many noble? (F1)

Cut his legs even look noble will drop many. (F2)

Photo TIPS

Photo preparations the day before

Wash your hair, it is very important, do not think that hair can be a little lazy without oil.

Strengthen the skin's moisture. Photos compress mask to sleep the previous night, can make the skin appear smooth and elastic, makeup is easy.

Ready for my husband's suit, tie, shirt and socks, although the wedding company, but his suit is more involved. Need a pair of black shoes and a pair of white socks and black socks.

Prepare bride and two pairs of shoes, a pair of walking shoes, a pair of photos show shoes.

Straw, photographed the same day drink.

Prepare a large package, you can put everything in it, and avoid the phenomenon of losing things.

Photographed the night before to reduce drinking, avoid eye puffiness.

Shaving armpit hair.

Grooms shave in the photos at home the same day.

prepare for the day

Get up, take pictures and very little time in the day, be sure to set the alarm clock or cell phone to alarm status.

Day wear strapless corset and lingerie.

Don't own makeup at home, just put some moisturizer on it.

If there is a high degree of myopia, the best contact lenses. Shooting that day carrying two pairs of glasses in order to change such as wearing contact lenses, are advised to try and carry a cleaning solution.