Photography knowledge
&Nbsp;   bride take wedding photos some things to note:

1, photographed the night before to reduce drinking, avoid eye puffiness.  

2, close to the bride before the photo to avoid the Sun, irritation of fried food and reduce consumption.  

3, photographed the same day the bride wore a strapless corset and lingerie.  

5, photographed on the bride on the day not at their own makeup, so as to avoid the stylists of obsession.  

6, filmed the day the couple should wear underwear so as not to change the shirt of thoracic smudged makeup.  

7, shaving armpit hair in front of pictures of the bride.  

8, the groom on the day the photo on its own shave at home.  

9, the groom on the day the photo Please wear a pair of black shoes and a pair of white socks and black socks.  

10, photographed, please bring on the day weekdays most satisfying picture in order to communicate with the photographer.  

11, bride and groom wash hair before shooting. And trimming their hair and do not use any hair products. If nearsighted couple before shooting 3rd do not wear glasses in order to correct eye.  

12, filmed the same day carrying two pairs of glasses in order to change, such as contact lenses, are advised to try and please bring the cleaning solution. New set photos dates, do not be late to avoid extended shooting process time.  

☞   people suggested:  

1, at least half a month before taking pictures don't do hair care, that is to say do not do oil, because it will make the hair soft and smooth, not very conducive to hair styling.  

2, in order to save money, you can bring your own bottle, flowers, invisible BRA, do the nail one day in advance.  

3, the above is well known for its products, and my sole thought is powder puff, the sea. Otherwise the Studio will try to persuade you to buy their super expensive thing!!  

Photo 4, the bride must wear a pair of comfortable, easy to take off, put on shoes. If the height is not enough. Studio stool or ready for you is their high heels, her most important!!  

5, if you have a location, so brides on location the best thin jeans, so that you are not afraid of sitting on the floor, on the lawn. Otherwise, Zha said, would be the grass;  

6, said bride to wear a chest of lingerie, I have a question, because I think it's his coat on, so as not to change clothes smudged makeup!  

7 and finally, don't forget the chocolate, this is the only way to add strength!! There is a small straw, can drink!!  

8, the most important thing is to bring your camera, to allow a husband to give some tidbits in order to make the pictures.

finally suggest that you try a few different types, style of clothes, so you can choose the one most suited to their type, to wear at the wedding. Especially the JMS plans to buy a wedding dress, it's important to you!