Photography knowledge
Not a model wearing a nice dress, we wear also as touching. Only according to their shape characteristics to choose, to weaknesses, make your beautiful blooming Unlimited.  


     should try to choose the v-neck, low waist, clean lines of wedding dresses, necklines decorated can enrich, to attract the eyes of others who moved to above the neck. Veil to rely on simple and slightly longer is better.


     wear skirts are loose, emphasizing the low shoulder or no shoulder sleeve design, of sight, as far as possible, to move on.


     impressive surrounding lines can wear low cut dress to emphasize, but if the percentage is not very beautiful, cheap some heart-shaped collar or neckline design with simple line, reduce the degree of exaggeration of the chest line.


     big bows, thick gel, rather tight corset or highlighted upper body style is ideal. For example emphasizes the bride beautiful shoulders and arms line strapless, sleeveless or short-sleeved styles.