Photography knowledge

the bride in the wedding when you should pay attention to is your posture and shape, but brides often feel unprepared for those things. Content is described in this article, come and see it.


     bride wedding style: ripe-noble

     bride dressed in a gloss and texture is a bridal debut, with a towering pull or hongli yet slender hair styling, showing a mature noble charm.


     bride wedding style: romantic charm

     This model is very suitable to express personal temperament or character traits, or pure or sweet, can be. Romantic curly hair with sexy hair, you can easily create the most charming bride style, long hair, with an elegant, young energy.


     bride wedding style: lovely

     face a lovely bride can make full use of their capital, expand your smile, to younger youth feeling it. Fluffy hair, or innocent pigtail, there may be unexpected results.


     bride wedding style: snow white

     distant and ancient magic of the fairy tale has An Upside-Down World, shape of the story out of Germany the Grimm brothers ' book, and become a pure, elegant style!

     white dress of lace dress, with silver high heels, pure white wedding dress, plain style, clean and shiny black hair and pale makeup just right to bring out the snow pure, noble qualities!


     bride wedding style: charming Diva

     charm of days is different from Egypt Cleopatra, Tin Hau is elegant, stately, impressive! Greece mythology Hera, with Zeus, the God of all gods given power, wisdom, both flamboyant and confident. Simple, but long, textured yarn, atmosphere and gorgeous jewellery, a beautiful Moon general confidence, into Diva's unique charm!

     bride wedding style: fashion sexy

     exaggerated and colorful decoration, fluffy, curly hair, shiny dazzling jewelry, showing the women wild and enthusiastic. Fashion sexy shape will make the bride at the wedding shining star!