Photography knowledge
&Nbsp;    wedding, the bride is always the protagonist, just the bride and groom can hold a "prop", their wedding this is one of my friends finished their evaluation role but the groom in the wedding is really negligible? The answer is a definite no, no groom, wedding photos is not wedding photos, I'm afraid personal photo it; how the groom take wedding photos, prepared only to take something before now? Bride wedding location ready to dress up, but the groom prepared to actually.


    1, money: fees-deposit + tickets + fares for taking pictures, good enough, take your bank card, and other valuables.

    2, socks: white and dark socks a pair to match dresses of different colors.  


the veil of     3, changing clothes: If the location in the open desert, endless steppe, the bride dress up is a problem. So the groom must be the urgency of the people and think people are thinking ahead of the veil to prevent his wife to spring leaks.