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Love, simple

Love, simple

Love • simple Guilin location tourism wedding a, sets Department  2699  Yuan "shooting time"   day, one-on-one service (including photographer, makeup Division, lamp effect Division) "shooting locations"   full location or location + indoor shadow shed (1 big location +1 along small location combination, specific view Guilin location to introduced)   big King: Yangshuo met Long He, and XING ping Lijiang River, and huajiang bamboo, and clear lion Tan reservoir, and big Wei town "makeup styling"   Professional fashion makeup Division creative styling the  3  Group (according to each sets clothing transform styling) "wedding dress"   provides bride dress  3  sets, groom dress  3  sets (clothing any selected not partition)   free shooting a group personality couples photo (clothing since with) "jewelry annex"   free provides Ann bottle essence liquid, fake lashes, makeup ceremony package (puff, lip brush, lip color) " Shooting number "  shooting digital file  100 Zhang above, more took more sent" pictures provides "  free gift all shooting film (contains original film Jane repair + late fine repair 22 Zhang + album typesetting design draft)" location traffic "  free provides location car full for you service   free provides attractions tickets   free provides shooting day delicious lunch and cool soft drink" album making " >> &Nbsp;16 -inch fashion Korean version of the album (featured 22 into the +10P spreads beautiful typographical design) "subsidiary products"  >> 30  inch Deluxe oil painting frame a picture (with photos)  >> 12  inch ivory Crystal like box is a picture (photo)  >> 3  &Nbsp;  inch pockets according to two  >>  Pure Crystal set up a fine fashion (including a photo)  >> 1.2x0.8  m reel hanging picture movie poster (photo)  >>  fine slide music photo album DVD CD  >>  DVD digital film CD a Zhang (all digital film) "special gifts"   select a: married day free rental wedding, and toast clothing the a, free makeup once, fill makeup once   select II: from finished mailing fee (limited urban and part town, for field guest) "shooting costs"   We only charged one-time shooting costs, 0 late consumption, guest has special need another meter "payment way"   prepaid 20% as deposit, Shot pay the balance at date

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