How to do wedding dress sales in China market?

&Nbsp;    , from near the Chinese market more than 10 years step by step how to develop the market?    

     "HC apparel net" "Chinese wedding gown brands" is the goal of my career, my design philosophy has always insisted that she not scraped, not imitation brand, we focus on the performance of Chinese traditional culture, design works using traditional Chinese techniques, but also Western culture, unique draping embroidery method. With knowledge of development, people accept new information of speed changing, Chase fashion of footsteps also increasingly fast, new for married dress also has more high of looks forward to and requirements, so I for different personality, and different needs of customer do different style of design, on dress of design concept no longer only limited Yu gorgeous of category, it will into more of fashion of elements, in combined international popular trend based Shang, insisted original sex design of spirit, to meet market, and guide market.   

     and Cai Meiyue saw a big market for China's more than 1 billion people, 92 to open factories in Xiamen. In 1996, Cai Meiyue and believe that the mainland market is getting mature, people's acceptance of wedding dresses have changed, has begun to export to the domestic market. Branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuhan and other places opened retail outlets. Started in 1997 at the national wedding show fame, became the Studio's most famous wedding dress brands in one fell swoop, faith, hard work, hard work, entrepreneurial spirit: one step at a time, and finally from scratch to this day.   

     b, how do Chinese wedding market first?    

     wedding market is divided into two types of professional and retail in China, refers to the professional market for wedding photography agency, retailing the pointer to new individuals. Successful wedding brand is recognized by both of these markets, we should think how to distinguish between the two markets? Experience to talk about, from the wedding dress styles to distinguish, professional photography of gaudy and bright, the bride will be worn by nobility in the day easier.   

     under the market economy system, business is business or Studio, is inseparable from the individual marketing concept. Amy Chua-month international wedding, after more than 10 years of vigorous development, now in the wedding industry is also famous for a brand, with its own unique marketing ideas are inseparable: 1, 2003 planning introduced a thematic photography "city exclusive release" this programme, with the protective nature of the regional Studio exclusive rights to effective protection. 2, to aftermarket tour way back to VIP customers around the country, mostly to communicate with VIP customers, teaching clients how to run the Studio and planning marketing skills, recruit good words. 3, Amy Chua-month wedding makes brand-name: exclusive release ROSEMADAM, LAFEI, Royal classic, Amy Chua international editions are licensed brands for trademark registration, honor to share with everyone the real brand, real protection. 4, marketing is good idea, rather despicable means: customer loyalty, peer interaction, professional to win respect, faith, honesty, Amy Chua-month wedding unique marketing concept will be integrated into the Studio in the wave of development. 5, the transition to a professional market from the retail market: wholesale and retail to now from Beijing Wukesong in Beijing 109 Xidan wedding Mall, Amy Chua-month international wedding use their unique marketing concept-turned, really lead the high-end high dress trend direction.   

     third, how the next level in the future?    

     hope in terms of market share will have more breakthroughs. Also requires its own progress in design, "Amy Chua-month international wedding" this brand can play a leading role in the future, this is my own biggest desire is hoping to upgrade parts. "Amy Chua-month international wedding" continues to shine on the international stage, and under the influence of a designer, played a leading role, more talented and ideal for designers to create wedding brand as the goal, believe that in the near future, popular indicators around the world to China for the mainstream. The generosity of vision, more like it should be the vision of it!