Guilin Western-style of wedding photography wedding customs

Western wedding customs, according to tradition, the couple even if there is no religion, generally selecting salt spray corrosion test chamber   conduct weddings in the Church. Before the wedding, the bride and groom and family wedding rehearsal will be conducted between the parties. The wedding day, the groom on the altar (Christian prayer in the Church worship place) must not see his bride before, otherwise it is unlucky. Weddings usually have three little boys was responsible for serving guests, arrange guests.

three little boys is responsible for the custody of a wedding ring. Left of the bride's family and friends seated in the Church, family and friends of the groom seated on the right. Before the official start of the wedding, the bride and groom usually each prepared in different rooms. According to tradition, the bride will pick new, old, blue as the temperature test chamber   and the borrowed object (something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue) worn on the body. Official at the beginning of the wedding, the best man (usually the groom's best friend), Bridesmaid (usually the bride's best friend), three boys and two girls (for bouquets, usually two, more) arranged next to the altar stand, groom first approached the altar, waiting for the bride. Accompanied by the father of the bride to the altar. There's often a little girl with counseling on behalf of the bride bride behind Beijing   wedding dress back. In father of the bride was escorted to the front of the altar, the bride's father was seated, the bride and groom on the altar. Western marriage vows can be used by the bride and groom to write your own, or use the traditional oath. The bride and groom their respective witnesses took the oath before repeating the affirmation of marriage, marriage witness and ask all of our guests are there against the combination of bride and groom, and if not, bride and groom respectively, to say "I do", exchanged rings, the groom kissed the bride, the ceremony formally completed.  

after the ceremony is complete, there is a small, traditional ceremony, all the guests out of the Church, arranged in front of the Church on either side, when the bride and groom walked out of the Church, the guests to the bride and groom and rice, meaning the early birth of a healthy baby.  

according to tradition, in the Church after the wedding, the bride and groom and their family and friends Banquet, held in wine steel-wood staircase store. The party, lead the first dance of the bride and groom. Groomsmen or father of the bride speech, toast. After the end of the party, the bride throws her bouquet in the hands of, traditional women received bouquets will be the next one to the bride.