Face-to-face communication with the photographer taking pictures problem

The couple expressed best wishes, thank you also for zero Visual support and trust. In order for high quality and efficient completion of filming, mutual communication and understanding is very important. You need to know the photographer shooting style and the whole idea, the photographer needs to understand your needs, so that we can bring you the most natural beautiful show. In order to meet your needs, we also have a good interaction, before shooting please read the notes to communicate.


questions and answers, with the photographer face to face:

1. the guests asked: usually very little pictures, don't know what to set the snapping at the pose, a little nervous to do?

photographer replied: Oh, most of the cameras will do, and worry about his bad shot. Understand that everyone is not a professional model. According to the guest's own summary of a very effective way of shooting, you can take a look: when taking pictures, we seldom give you a fixed pose and take photos very stiff. we rely on to express feelings to guide you, you can play on your own, many classic pose is usually small details of life, now and then is the most natural. Suggest you before taking this picture information or have a chance to look at some of the classic love story (movie or book), and feel some of the classic lens or text, when taking pictures, you can make Association, open to shoot, maybe you'll give me some inspiration.

2, the guests ask: I don't look fat, why a photograph looks fat, do we need to lose weight in advance, getting a little worried?

photographer replied: such a worry is normal, a lot of people don't want to see is a fat yourself in the picture, including me, HA HA! Exclude the issue of makeup from a professional point of view, a key problem is the lens of the camera has a lot to do, in order to be able to create

is good of mood effect, as portrait General are with telephoto lens, so telephoto lens has a ills is created has good of mood of while will makes scene produced one points compression sense, this is cannot avoid of, so took out of photos total feel than I fat is, in addition, photo Shi we also to consider light, and color, and attitude, factor, but now computer software very advanced, late of making completely can make up insufficient of at, so without to worried these, we will to you very satisfaction of photos.

3, guest asked, always worried about poor than others?

photographer replied: well, build your confidence, not too much to compare, talk said: "no one is perfect, water and no clear" patent not Hotties takes a photo, just once in a lifetime wedding, to believe in yourself when you wear the wedding dress standing in front of the camera, and your belief that he is the happiest in the world beautiful newcomer. Oh, the things taught photographers on photography, and they guide you take good photos.

4, I want feeling of blue sky and white clouds, and can you give me a style like this?

photographer replied: Oh, changes in the weather, we can't expect, if you take pictures of the day with blue sky and white clouds, so we can meet your requirements, if the weather is cloudy, then we can only be based on the conditions of the day style, taking pictures has a lot of chance, also might have a surprise effect.

5, guests ask: pictures will be very tired? In hot weather (cold) when on location can stand?

photographer answer: photo is a is easily happy of process, days hot (cold) of when photo actually is not as imagine in the of so uncomfortable, in summer, some trees lush of scenic temperatures than city within of temperatures to low several times, we will as arrangements you in cool of place photo, photo day also will for everyone prepared cold, and heatstroke drug, ensure everyone smooth photo. In the winter, as long as no wind, some Sun, take pictures will not be cold. winter morning may low temperature, couples can take in the morning, adapt to the feeling, when a wedding photo, we will bring you to warmer places, to ensure that we will not be cold.

6, guests ask: photographed sites and subjects: can we choose?

photographer replied: of course, hehe, we need an interactive, I may be busy, whether it's attractions and theme, as long as you have a good idea can take the initiative to communicate with me, I'd be happy to receive good ideas, so as to embody personalization.

7, guests ask: you can bring your own props?

photographer replied: you can prepare some flowers, dolls, balloons, bubbles photos meaningful props, such as water, the more well prepared, the props of a new creative inspiration can give me a lot of strange, good ideas can arouse the enthusiasm of people taking pictures, taking pictures can make you feel relaxed in the process.

8, guests asked: I would like to one day take 5 or more modeling, film shoot, the more the better, right?

photographer replied: Ah, actually there is a small misunderstanding about photography, taking photographs is to design more is better, more photos, the better, in fact on the contrary, day and time is limited, modelling for too much will definitely affect the picture of progress, and tired. Certainly take a classic, bad photos, shoot any more don't make much sense, if creative level is very high, a lot of photographers shoot, take out pictures of each card, like a painting, beautiful, then you want photos or if you want more of what?

9, guests ask: have anything to do with photographic equipment quality of the shot?

photographer replied: there is definitely a relation, familiar words, want to do good, we must first tool, we are now using is a Canon EOS5DMark II (invincible rabbit, 21.1 million pixels) and Canon EOS60D tens of SLR digital cameras, professional shot a number of U2 and advanced equipment such as Flash, can meet any creative photography.

10 , guests ask: photography is very tired, the photographer will walk lines every day?

photographer answer: Hehe, such of situation does will occurred, wedding photography is a physical and mental height combined of work, dang photographer in face framing device of Shi, he will moments consider many things: light, and composition, and need of feel, and was photo body of details and so on, such height tension of shooting is fee energy, day down photographer often will think exhausted, only is good of rest to has energy arrangements good Xia pair guest of shooting. so we has been are insisted less took took fine.

11, guests ask: before the photo hair how to take care of?

photographer answer: photo of Qian days, girls best put hair do once nursing, let hair feel more neatly bright, (retained hair, hair can took out is attractive of effect) If you like curls styling, days hot photo of when recommends ahead of head sent hot volume stereotypes, because days hot is easy sweating, curls will was sweat pulled straight lane mess. If you of sent quality compared hard, also recommends you ahead of head sent hot volume stereotypes, photo day makeup Division do styling also can save time, A week before the boys in the photograph a little break hair ... don't cut it too short hairstyle.

12, guests asked: usually we all wear glasses, this photo does it affect?

photographer a: glasses have certain effects on the photo, Lady in the picture a few days before the trial contact lenses (see no red eyes). Man if lens is relatively high with a piece of Optical glasses, high degree of spectacle lenses will make the eyes appear small.