Night-time photography and dark room shooting Essentials

1,    night filming what questions should pay attention to.


night portrait, most in need of attention is the illumination of light problem. General night light is weak, it is difficult to achieve the desired results, then we can choose the Flash exposure compensation, the subject is the ideal lighting effects.


2,    shooting a dark room like what skills.

explanation.-British child is three lights flash models right in front of a main light, a lamp left behind and above the, plus a blue color on the left, plus the red color on the right. This group is a head shot of 18-70, 1/125,F10 aperture speed combinations, ISO200.

indoor lights on a number of ways, can lighting layout according to personal shooting style. Control of lights, a pre-requisite for good studio portraits.

before shooting the first to determine the main light position and light intensity, because only the main light source, can we use other auxiliary light.

key light adjustment is completed, also need to prepare for a reflector, as supplemented by light fill light, because it makes light of the shadow level and tone better conditions allow, of course you can also use soft light to compensate.

If you want the tone of the photographed subject is more intense, it can also be followed by a background light, but bearing in mind the background light and lamp light set, if the ratio is set well, may not only have the effect of rendering the atmosphere could not be, it makes the tone is stiff.

and another is the rim light use of RIM light can make the outline of the subject have brightly-colored lighting effects, making out the subject from the background. Profile layout is generally light from behind the subject above or top side down.

more lighting method is the most basic and most commonly used, can you shoot with the theme and the need for flexibility in the use of the picture. More attention to the observation of the light and shadow detail, not blind to the shutter, take the time to do, beautiful light and shadow will appear on your camera's LCD.

(Editor's Note: the photos each photo shoot is completed according to immediate effects on light position, then adjust the light intensity conditions, doing their own perfect effect)


3,    saw many of your photos to a continuous light source, and shared use of this technique.


whether it is night or day, as long as there is light color. So it is about light, accurate exposure can produce rich color. Next said it failed to mention a night light distribution method.

the use of lighting. Night Portrait, light is the best light source and ambient light combined with each other. Do this for your large aperture lens with the iron hand if your practice is not home, then don't bother, it is recommended that quickly put the camera on a tripod, although composition of inconvenience to you, but you can guarantee the quality of picture. Such lights can make your screen appears colorful effect.

the roof of one is a beacon of light. Light is in the upper side of the main body, which will make the subject have a better outline and dramatic projection effects. This photo was taken by 35/2 Jiao TOU, 1/80-1/100,F2.2-F2.5 combinations of Aperture speed, ISO200-400.

4,    arranged models shot scene is more difficult.

well, the answer is Yes. Take control of multiple models is relatively difficult. First models had plenty of expression, understands the photographer shooting with intent. According to your theme, reasonable arrangements and mobilize the mood and attitude of each model to meet your topic ideas.

5,    you little trips and many users to share about it.

multiple models of shooting, I don't shoot much. If you want to say, take my group of the Happy party. I would like to take a group of people, and a model of mutual knowledge and understanding is the key, only become one with the model, what to say ... ... HA HA. This group has three models in the movie are my friends, so they drive, I communicate with others not familiar with the model's soon entering the State. This played a decisive role in the shooting.

(Editor's Note: If you don't know the model, how do you mobilize her emotions? Answer: I usually chat with her, give her a joke to ease the atmosphere. Also, put some air the song. Modeling emotions can easily be mobilized. )

     of the Happy party using two flashes, light with a soft light, combined with a hard light. Set light position according to the model's position. This photo is 18-70 head shot 1/13-1/20,F5.6-6.3 combinations of Aperture speed, ISO200, this group used the tripod, effective accountability to the ambient light.


6,    many of your photos, character expressions are caught properly, what skills do I need to do this.

     night shooting motion pictures more difficult than larger. Because the shutter determines your unable to catch fast-moving subjects, so the model's instant action to control is important, and this requires you have enough attention.

  while I was shooting this set of movies of the Happy party, that is, models start with the good, my shots needed for action expression, control the model and then use the old password of instant action starting number 1.2.3. ... ... HA HA. If it is posed, model's expressions and movements are not natural, sporty feel will cut.

7,    what props recommended.

    If this was filmed in the pub, then sprinkled it props. Locally available material.

8,    summary of this interview to netizens

     I think that, in today's more convenient, the player's shooting technique is important, but more important is the idea of players. Photos at a time, to hold on to the idea. In this way, had the idea of supporting technology in order to have room for better play. So the creation of photos will be more viable.