Master light 6 rules take a fascinating photo

&Nbsp;      fashion photo shoot slices often does not require complex, luxurious scenes. In the Studio, using a simple background, and fully mobilize the lights, make good use of existing conditions, were able to achieve a variety of Visual creativity, take moving pictures. Among them, with a distinctive shape color combined with personalized lighting effects, can achieve a strong art scene, and additional photo's Visual dynamics, thus greatly enhance the attractiveness of portrait work.

         emphasis on the color with the light in the photo-effect, combined with the color contrast in the form of characters, is a way to fashion photo shoot slices are very important. Atmosphere of the photograph color tone, colour, character color styling, color matching and handles different light color, can affect the final result of the photo. The following points deserve our attention.  

1. As a means to help express the theme color, an important factor to be emotionally contagious. Color light effects with the key is that all the elements must be able to highlight the theme, good control of the elements match, fusion and unity to harmonize. Sake of brevity in the complex, seeking individuality in a simple, this shot is difficult and important.  

2. Color first and combining costumes and filming style, reasonable use of clothing and the environment compared and coordinated in order to greatly enhance photo charm. Commercial photography should be aimed at rigorous, prior to conception good filming all aspects, customer wants to express themes, according to different shooting needs, designing clothes, make-up and beauty.  

3. Guidelines for use of color is harmonized and change, should reach a large area of Visual unity and is rich in layers and details, to avoid monotony and boredom. Different colors can give us a different visual effect. You can follow certain guidelines, such as the use of contrasting colors form a Visual impact, or the opposite of, as long as appropriate, can create a surprise effect.  

4.   Strictly and accurately control exposure, let into the color accurately to achieve the desired effect. For example, positive light is good for color reduction, using the main light position slightly higher light can fully express the character's skin color and modeling, are able to achieve more solid light; 45 ° front light with a certain degree of illumination area, conducive to the presentation, but also make the face concave-convex feeling, tone levels are more abundant. Backlighting backlighting and side light exposure when accurate.  


dazzle-first method: analogy with colour highlighting the main  

         used with the color background echoes the styling of the characters colors coordinated with light, further strengthen this sense of unified color at a later stage, which at the height of the overall tone of unity, more prominent figures. That stressed the unity of the coloring method, although to a certain extent weaken perspective of the picture, but it would seem clear, simple atmosphere, to better highlight the subject, especially when dealing with some facial features that require outstanding makeup, better results.  

         When this photo was taken, for character designs a sexy female rock singer style, by correct exposure and white balance (the camera's white balance value is higher than the light color temperature value) setting, showing sexy bronze skin, showing a strong heavy metal texture. In order to highlight the characters face and personality style, when shooting close to the color of the background is used to echo the character so strong and full of yellow full screen to form dazzling colors and charm of mature women show no margin. When shooting with a spotlight to provide people with positive lighting, emphasizing local (face), and forming a dark shadows (the body), strengthening the atmosphere of the stage lighting effects.