Beauty tips and portrait photography composition

Portrait photography is about people making beautiful, so, the photographer must be in the sitter's face   quality   and so shoot until you can reach the most beautiful, otherwise just took the fish out of water. How to modify a subject, it is a test for the photographer, when to take out the contrast, the texture of the skin, when less contrast to cover skin flaws, observation and reflection of the accumulation of experience are required to accurately judge. General concepts such as using plain, is to want to be thinner people look fatter, the specific method is the use of flat plus reduce the camera height, although this approach can make people look fat, but characters ' nostrils will be exposed, destroyed the sense of beauty. This is the traditional disadvantages of combination of lighting and camera flight, so-called Save Save II. So, now, we usually use to profile styling to improve   and character image.  

1: "beauty" it should be noted that tips  

(a) looking than ugly people should try to avoid shooting close-up and photos.  

(b) for facial fat, can appropriate the use of veil   hand   or other trinkets to cover, but also can improve the camera seat.  

(c) size eye shot, you should adjust the angle of the photographed, small eyes with almost close to the lens.  

(d) "roll" filmed; should try to capture their eye towards the side, catching eyes turning to moment, instead of eyes stared for a moment.  

(e) "cross-eyed" shot; photographer looking for a right angle as much as possible, make the photographer's eyes at the same time the screen appears.  

(vi) for subjects with longer necks, should also improve flight, was taken on the lower jaw.  

(VII) for the pointed Chin people should use a high seat, subjects bow combination shot.  

(VIII) filming "turn-up" the most difficult, but just do not take a positive.  

2: usually three commonly used composition mode, also known as the formulaic pattern composition;  

(a) the features  

(b) seven Member  

(c) General  

at the time of shooting for the scene, the camera's height should decrease with the expansion of the shooting. Bust shot when the camera height approximately equal to the height of the nose with the subject and taking seven member photos, slots for the camera about subjects chest height; when shooting full body shot, the camera should be subjects of waist height. Called composition, even within a specific picture of scenery, arrange shooting elements in order to achieve the effect of performance objects. Popular portrait photography techniques in the composition frame   usually on the subject using the following method, write out all references correct.  

(a) the difference before and after the use of depth of field, highlight the theme character.  

(b) control methods, makes the subject of some smaller foil.  

(c) the use of the color contrast emphasis on the subject.  

(d) using static   with the body movement, stability of the main composition is relatively strong.