Friendship tips

the "way" we stick to one whole location featured VIP service (including photographers   makeup artist   lighting assistants), let us be your private photography clubs;

"shooting cost" costs we charge only a one-time shot, and later there is no consumption, guests with special needs another;

"selection mode" shot of the day after the guests according to the number of the selected raw footage, were picked out of porn after finishing the book;

"pickup" from the finalization of the guest to take the finished product time period of around 1-5 weeks (to ensure the quality of post production);

"schedule change" if due to objective factors to change the schedule, please contact us in advance, arranged to fill the gap. If the objective of force majeure factors (rain, etc) affect the shot of the day, by mutual agreement, may change shooting schedule;

"payment method" 20% as the total of the deposit in advance, end shooting day to clear;

"the transport of finished products" foreign guests products mail at their own expense (express delivery freight);